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Penny Thornton Astrolutely. com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000. Penny Thornton is one of the worlds leading astrologers. On the Libra Daily Horoscope. You can change dates for things, which can save you both money and face. This Week's Career Horoscope Start your week right by checking your weekly dose of Career horoscope. More about Libra With the planet of talk and thought making an edgy link with Pluto, you might wonder if you have the skills and abilities to succeed at a plan. 7:22 AM Moon conjunct Mars Imagine the project completed. aries third decan daily horoscope,1st decan and 3rd decan aries,taurus horoscope third decane,taurus horoscope love 2015 decan 2,taurus horoscope decan 1 Free daily astrology and weekly horoscopes from artcharts. At work, combine hard work with luck to get the results you want. domain. Daily Libra Horoscope, Tuesday, 21 August 2018. Prakash Astrologer looks at the week ahead for Libra. Romantically, things tick along nicely. Libra: (Sep. There is a strong creative manifestation and self-expression connected with the sign - planets placed in Leo act in LIBRA: Sept. Libra Horoscope. Libra 2014 Horoscope (September 23-October 22). Resist the urge to splurge. Best horoscope sites was last updated on July 4, 2018. There’s usually a way around a Mercury-retrograde glitch. Capricorn weekly horoscope astrolutely, Dunia21. 189. General Love Career Daily Weekly Monthly Yesterday Today Tomorrow Jul 31, 2019 — Your new ideas will be realized if you value the help of others. Focus on your moves and watch your steps. It is also followed that the effects of Libra Zodiac sign takes around 6-7 days to come into its full effects. A bond could form quickly though, enabling you to push forward one of you pet ideas. Princess Diana’s Astrologer Shares Horoscope Predictions for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Baby Prince Harry said that “all the stars were aligned” when he first met Meghan Markle, but what’s written in the stars for their soon-to-be born royal baby? Horoscope for pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. Unsurprisingly, most Libra individuals are balancers – of varying degrees. While this whole week is important professionally, with Mercury moving into his final two weeks in your career sector on Monday, it is the first three days that are especially important. Libra Horoscope 2019. You want things around you to be pleasing and lovely. Yet even if you don't, you could always learn as you go. com today! Libra Daily Horoscope. Venus retrograde comes to teach us lessons about value, plus a new moon in Libra and full moon in Taurus Libra Daily Love Horoscope. This pairing of knowledge will be used to construct a daily horoscope. if it involves partnership, negotiations. As the Moon links to generous Jupiter, you’ll be called upon to assist someone who could use a lift. The planet Uranus RX goes retrograde today in Taurus at 2° until Jan. astrolutely. astrolutely. Use this opportunity to strengthen your ties and expand your horizons globally. Wednesday night will end the delays, mistakes and false starts of July, Libra. June 29, 2018. com provides over 30 combinations of free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes in a variety of interests including love for singles and couples,   Horoscope and Astrological links provided by astrologer Carol Elaine, D. Taurus: (Apr. For reasons most will never know, Libra is a very different sign, holding wisdom and consciousness that’s been waiting for many millennia to resurface and be expressed. Here you would be able to get an insight into what might happen in the week ahead by reading your weekly horoscopes. Also, since a pair of Scales always has two aspects, two sides – Libra-born too has two sides to his/ her personality and thinking. Wednesday, August 22, 2018. Venus is being pulled by the Sun, something that is slowing her down and will result in a retrograde turn in October, that will see her return for a second, month long visit. Show the squad some love! You’ve always been a team player, Libra, and with social Mercury zipping into your community zone until July 9, you’ll feel that collaborative urge more than ever. On the other hand, your weekly horoscope provides you an insight of how your entire week will be, according to the movement and placement of planets. A kind word might be all it takes to transform someone’s day from darkness to light. Sun shifts into your solar 11th house on July 22nd and Venus follows it on July 27th to join Mars placed there already. Jupiter's move through Sagittarius chimes with a Three year in numerology and the year of the Earth Pig in Chinese astrology. Art, museums, beautiful people and places, all of this is important to you right now. Libra, the 7th Sign of the Zodiac, is represented by the symbol of the Balancing Scales. Libra Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 August 2018. (Themes: Spirit Guide: Elk, Color: Aqua, Number: 10) WEDNESDAY: Amber stones can increase your energy, so wear or carry one to help you complete an important project today. Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd) You're very goal-driven this July but getting ahead in your career may come at a cost to your family and your emotions. 23): As your free weekly astrology horoscope begins Libra, Libra Rising or Moon sign yours is the sign that needs that yin-yang or the male and female polarity to be at their best. Your cerebral sign likes to keep your emotions on a short leash—giving them a little more rein when something worthy comes along—but on Monday, July 29, you’ll be rolling in the deep! Astrologers, and more specifically, Astrolutely, is not immune to Mercury-retrograde bugs. Mars ' arrival in your objectives zone on the 1st ensures that you're willing to put in the work - but a Solar Eclipse in your career zone on the 2nd hints at upheaval, shocks and unexpected demands from work. The number Three is an  Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Life and astrology are akin to a game of snakes and ladders: you go up  Your Libra weekly horoscope and sun sign astrology forecast by The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, astrologers for ELLE and Refinery29. Fit and Fierce Over 40. Your ascendancy is a cause for envy in others if you overdo it with bragging. We know, Libra, “people pleasing” is a hard habit to break… and so is the tendency to second-guess yourself. Early January, early July and late September rock. Forbid yourself to interfere in quarrels that do not concern you. The day spells important events or decisions about work, travel or your personal life. Are you ready for The Astrology Revolution™ Week of July 29 – Aug 5, 2019 << Previous Week. No matter what you think about current events and the state of the world today, you don't have to look far to find people who think that poor decisions are being  HoroscopeZen. Nothing will bring a greater sense of contentment than spending quality time feathering your nest, putzing around the house and perfecting your sun tea recipe. Yearly Libra horoscopes for 2019 give a forecast for the whole year ahead. Whatever you've done in the past to feel safe and sound in your love life may not work for you at this time, but you're determined to solve your relationship Aquarius Daily Horoscope: Free Aquarius horoscopes, love horoscopes, Aquarius weekly horoscope, monthly zodiac horoscope and daily sign compatibility Read all of today's Aquarius Horoscope, including the Daily Outlook and Romantic Compatibility Feuary Cancer Horoscope. Venus is in no hurry, giving you time to listen to your heart and to work on your wish list, long before any need to become objective. Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope: Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. This is quite a good result, as only 30% of websites can load faster. The celestial energy encourages all kinds of discussions, gossip, musings, and philosophical debates. A trip to an interesting locale or to a cultural destination could be a part AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE AUGUST 15, 2018. 5 Star Service. On the Your Week Ahead - Mon 20th August. The one fly in the cosmic ointment with Venus in your sign is that you can often be too generous and giving. Clear Your Home, Clear Your Life. Venus retrograde comes to teach us lessons about value, plus a new moon in Libra and full moon in Taurus Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Daily Horoscope Reading. Making new friends is possible now because of increased social interaction and your mesmerizing voice. A look at how Libra approaches relationships. www. com. Astrolutely - Stars by Penny Thornton Russell Grant Jonathon Cainer . Your Libra Daily Love Horoscope from Tarot. 2018 could end up being the most ground-eaking year that youve experienced Sagittarius; Capricorn; Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for April 2018. Take walks to gain clarity and think before you talk. com Weekly and monthly fortune by Penny Thornton is posted. The weeks ahead make a wish come true. Your popularity bubbles, you run into friends on the street. So charge after what you want, Thurs. As a Fire sign, Leo is connected with the principle of identity, and as it is also classed as a Fixed sign, planets placed here have a stabilising effect, conserving and building individual character. But the fact is, the less you worry about people liking you, the greater your chances of finding the ones who’ll love you—just the way you are! About Libra Librans are good at relationships. But don’t worry, you won’t have to run around armed with a glue-gun like you did in the past few years. It’s a dark and sad tale that shows no sign of ending. Slow the pace to navigate uncertain terrain. Best horoscope sites is ranked according to the amount of traffic each astrology website receives based on the Alexa Traffic Rank . Libra Daily Thursday 23rd August 2018. Figuratively you don’t want to launch into a new solar year with last years stinky build-up of dust. S. They help you give everyone an ideal to live up to! And looking on the bright side of life helps compensate for all the negative people in the world. Dehydration or drying: Feb. You will have useful contacts with people who live far. You are going to be in an especially easygoing mood today. Read more daily horoscopes Scorpio & Libra · Scorpio & Virgo. Today's Libra Horoscope - Thursday, August 23, 2018. 22-Oct 23): Libra your free daily astrology horoscope suggests that with the Moon in Gemini today the information highway could get crowded or seem boring. com Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23. T his is the time to look in all the dark crevices behind the sofa of your life and give them a good vacuum. com Libra · Scorpio · Sagittarius · Capricorn · Aquarius · Pisces  Astrolutely. 178 and it is a . Something you've written or are about to write could bring you extra points (or, perhaps, cash). Prepare for confrontation. Go for substance over symbolism. Know what astrology and the planets have in store for people born under Libra sign. While this is fine up to a point, too much can leave you desperate to escape. Libra monthly horoscopes and free monthly Libra astrology predictions have never been easier to find. Free Libra monthly horoscopes for this month and next month appear below, including Libra monthly love horoscopes and monthly Libra astrology forecasts covering love, romance, Capricorn - The Week Ahead - Astrolutely. Keeping your cool gets contagious. 9:57 AM Moon enters Aquarius You have better luck for the next two days. You see traffic lights on street corners across the globe. Aquarius Horoscopes for 02 August 2019. The colour white is indicated to be favourable for creative endeavours, say astroYogi astrologers. Your life reflects different qualities of the planets and depending on the relationship these planets have with each other and your Sun sign will determine what areas of your life are predominantly going to play out. com: daily free horoscopes, astrology, numerology horoscope. 20-May 21): As your free weekly astrology horoscope begins Taurus, Taurus Rising or Moon sign, and it's time to focus on your future and your   23): As your free weekly astrology horoscope begins Virgo, Virgo Rising or Moon sign this week is interesting as the personal planets and the Sun transit your  @ScorpioMystique's Daily Horoscope Learn to trust. Libra Daily Horoscope July 29, 2019 – July 31, 2019. Download mp3 muse full album zip. The latter half of the week is where you are going to have the most fun when it comes to love, Libra. Those full year Libra horoscope forecasts cover everything from love and work to money and relationships. Discover what the stars have in store for you this week The Astrologer’s Diary: 29 July – 4 August 2019 Best Horoscope Sites. How to Communicate Like a Buddhist. 187. Astrol. Astrolutely. com uses a Commercial suffix and it's server(s) are located in N/A with the IP number 206. Today's Aspects. Ps3 cfw 4 81 password, Coc free gems no survey no download no jailbreak no human verification no activation code, M3u8 usa list. Do what you can to help out Librans, With the sun in Gemini, luck lifts you high and you are drawn to spiritual, religious and social matters, often finding a way to combine all three. There is a simmering sense of excitement in your love life that is deeply rewarding. This site contains weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes. This is a harmonious time. onward. This is a wonderful time to tighten the reins on business situations and veer things around in a way that will spell gains and success to you. agreements, financial actions, intimacy, marriage or self-promotion. Today you may find that you are focused more than usual on your appearance, dear Libra. Tomorrow's Libra Horoscope July 31, 2019 The New Moon that occurs tonight energizes your sector of friendships, networking, community involvement, new ideas, technology, and aspirations, dear Libra. Read our weekly horoscopes so that you know what challenges you can expect to face in the week ahead. 22. Free Weekly Horoscope - Your Guide to the Week Ahead Aug 02, 2019 Last Updated 12:00 AM, Nov 30, 2019 The Week Ahead for Libra. Forecasts - Astrolutely. com reaches roughly 479 users per day and delivers about 14,380 users each month. Your Week The situation with the group, and with your friend, will not be in final shape until the second half of August, Libra. Naturally, the buzzword here is ‘Balance’. Libra Weekly Horoscope for August 19 to 24, 2018. Next month's free Libra zodiac predictions from Free Horoscopes Astrology. The domain astrolutely. We analyzed Astrolutely. While you may funnel   is one of the worlds leading astrologers. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. Acquisition of articles of luxury, journeys with the friends, indulging in bad habits and expenditure are possible. If you worry about what others think of your actions, then you’d never act! We know you are an emotive sign, but it’s important you show a courageous attitude today. To forgive. By Thursday, the intense energy of the week begins to dissipate, and you begin to settle into your routines and daily life. Ruled by Venus, they are charming, thoughtful and diplomatic, always remembering to pay compliments, buy anniversary presents and open the car door. Bookmark this list of the top 50 astrology sites for future reference. Today's General Horoscope Start your day right by checking your daily dose of General horoscope. Generally, those born under the sign of Libra will be able to expect something well connected with travel. horoscope forecast. If, during the past seven years, you have made no major life changes, it is time you did. Relaxation phase next two days. This usually expands your activities, providing some new opportunities connected to your future career role. Your social life surges now to Aug. 23-Oct. Whether a romantic date, an outing with the kids or a solo adventure is on your weekend agenda, you’ll be super thorough when it comes to planning and execution. com Astrolutely. Libra weekly horoscope - Your Libra weekly horoscope for the week ahead. The planets Venus and Mars RX combine Libra Daily Horoscope. She became 0800-horoscope. com, by Penny Thornton, provides weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes forecasts. Jessica Adams has prepared your weekly astrological forecast for 29 July – 4 August 2019. But despite the more convivial vibe, you may start to pull away from the crowd on Thursday when the Sun enters Virgo, the most secluded part of your chart. Add your website to the comments below and find your Alexa Rank Libra Monthly Horoscope. The extra cash might not ease the situation completely or heal a tense family situation, but problems are here to be solved. Discipline is required. To reveal. Or perhaps you’ll reach out to a family member who, unbeknownst to you, is having a bad day. The cosmos is urging you to relax and recharge. com Read your monthly horoscopes at Astrology. Your compassion is taking the lead. You will have a good week to start a new acquaintance based on specific interests and activities. The road to love may be a tad bumpy but when you reach your destination, find the right person, your relationship will last a lifetime. Astrology At Mystic Stars: Libra Weekly Monday Scope Saturday Scope 2019 Year Ahead About Us Contact Us Shop Your Libra daily horoscope is, therefore, a portrait or general impression of what may happen to you. 7th when he resumes direct motion at 28° Aries. Ring now to better balance work and family. This is a good time to ask for a favor or to ask someone out on a date. Thankfully, a little planning enables you to squeeze in both. So, let’s see what this week offers! Libra Weekly Horoscope Weekly Horoscope from 22nd July to 28th July 2019 This full feature weekly content contains: at least 700 words as well as a full length video of at least 5 minutes long. 23-Oct. Horoscopes Libra in Love be most attracted to your Cardinal fellows - Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. Anti-Aging Face Yoga. Astrology At Mystic Stars offers all forms of astrological services, including FREE weekly horoscopes, weekly emotions, 2019 Year Ahead and Romance for 2019. Chair Yoga for Healing, Strength and Mobility. Your daily horoscope reading highlights where caution might need to be applied and when you should connect with your adventurous side. libra single love horoscope today horoscope gemini march horoscope of 21st june year water snake Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Horoscope for March 2015. There's no need to fixate on the negative. Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day. Thai lottery ok, Japanese semi 2018 full, Bank of america human resources contact information. Libra (Sept. Fri, August 31, 2018 - Sun, September 2, 2018. by Oscar Cainer Libra, Saturday, 18 August 2018 Your Week Ahead: This weekend, Mercury, which has been appearing to move backwards, makes an encouraging link with Venus, comes to a standstill, and begins to appear to move forward once again, bringing you to a position from which you can finally start going in Libra Daily Thursday 23rd August 2018. But I can be contacted via FaceBook, using the Send Message option. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Libra today. LibraMonthly Horoscopes, Free Libra Monthly Horoscope Predictions. Knowing what’s occurring behind-the-scenes in your life helps you to make informed decisions. 5 pm to 6 pm is the luckiest hour for you. A Libra daily horoscope will combine the well known personality traits of Libran's with the information gathered from planet observation. Read your Libra Love Horoscope for today for daily advice on romance, relationships, and compatibility. Aug 23, 2018 - The day's general mood should fit quite well with your agenda, Libra. This year's fortune by Penny Thornton is also posted. Year Of The Sheep Personality. And with a association of give between Nice, Uranus, Pluto and Carrier inthis has libra weekly horoscope astrolutely cougar to be a street year. 8 sec to load all DOM resources and completely render a web page. If you read this website regularly, you would have seen the prediction I made about the Leo weather of 2017-2018 a long time ago. Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign Predictions are based on Moon at Sunday Sun Rise Time, Monthly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon at 1st date With the sun in Gemini, luck lifts you high and you are drawn to spiritual, religious and social matters, often finding a way to combine all three. com Trending Today Libra might be the sign of balance but that doesn't mean this season is free of drama. The Year Ahead for Libra General Librans are some of the most positive people in the zodiac but your optimism may have suffered since Saturn began its journey across the base of your solar chart (December 2017), although this planet is in fact helping make your mark. com. Also a large collection of astrological resources  Sep 12, 2018 Saturn previously transited Libra from September 1980 to your first Saturn Return – an occasion that marks the astrological coming of age. Nanthini 7 8 2017 sun tv to day seerialhdanthini 7 8 2017 sun tv to day seerialhd. July 23 - August 22. Home is where your heart will be all day today, Libra, thanks to the moon's snugglefest in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Ma calar bangla chti, Capricorn weekly horoscope astrolutely? LIBRA: Sept. 15 Minute Yoga for Aches and Pains. Monday, August 27, 2018. Today's Virgo Horoscope. Your health will be unstable, so avoid heavy loads. M. Receive sms online free new. Don't let anyone else tell you how to run your show. Though known as the Sign of Partnership, Libras still need to look out for themselves once in awhile. You may have noticed our contact email service went awol and may take until early next week to set to rights. Also a large collection of astrological resources and text. The dilemma of spending time alone or with your loved ones may rattle your sense of peace. Mother friend (2018) film semi korea. A wish can come true now, esp. Libra Zodiac sign starts from September 23rd to October 22nd each calendar year. 18: Real emotional snags may be forming between you and the one you love at this moment, but walking on eggshells will only make you feel more edgy today. Penny Thornton's Free Monthly Astrology at Astrolutely. No issue have the power to disturb you and you tackle every situation with a smile on your face. Read today's Libra horoscope on Astrology. Monday, 5 August The astrological spotlight is on pleasure and the importance of friendship and team-spirit. Libra Weekly Horoscope. The downside of Libra is a Bridezilla complex, and the famous inability to take a stand or have an opinion in case a partner disagrees. 27. Oscar and Jonathan Cainer – Oscar and Jonathan Cainer Eugenia Last – Eugenia Last Astrolutely – Penny Thornton AstroAdvice – Eugenia Last Astrology Online – Michael Thiessen Astrology Insight – Michael Emerson The Cosmic Path – Stephanie Azaria and Zoe Moon Libra's keywords for May: passive income, smart investments, inheritance, professional win, entrepreneur, business, commitment, independent love Look back AND forward during this week of retrogrades with a Timeline Tarot Reading. Libra Weekly Horoscope August 13 to 19, 2018. The Daily Horoscope for Libra The daily horoscope for Libra has that kind of energy where the Big Spirit tries to slow things down to make sure you're not trying to go too fast That means there will likely be a few personal temptations that appear or certain situations that require that a 'leap of faith' will need to be made Just click on your Libra sign for your weekly horoscope forecast. Any problems that existed within friendships, especially mixed up lines of communication, should start to even out. There they stand, switching colours every few seconds controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, and keeping everyone safe. Libra Love Horoscope. Join forces with other talented souls, whether you’re working on a joint project or championing each other’s causes. com - the best free astrology source on the net for daily astrology forecasts, weekly horoscopes by sun sign, daily financial forecasts, transit charts, and featuring the artcharts ultraclick monthly aspect calendar and artcharts personal astrology reports marketplace. Your daily horoscope or today's horoscope is the account of amendments in certain planetary movements bringing about new changes in the lives of us human beings. Aug 02, 2019 — Deal with old family problems that are not subject to a new postponement. That's the beauty of those rose-colored glasses you wear. So much for “calm, cool and collected” this week, Libra. Profit from meticulous service. This is the time to be adventurous and explore. Also a large Your weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts Cancer · Leo · Virgo Listen to Penny's weekly in-depth forecast. net semi blue? Khatrimaza hollywood movies in hindi dubbed download free? Hindi 300mb movie hd worldfree4u movies? Menu pal pal yaad teri tadpave bhojpuri mp3 song. com page load time and found that the first response time was 397 ms and then it took 1. 8. Variety is the spice of life and it will certainly add some piquant seasoning to your day. So, Out in we had the loss of two unconnected museums astroluhely Georgia and Truro due to fires; and every hurricanes and relationships devastated wants of the world from Kenya to Hawaii. A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back! 21 Day Beautiful Arms & Abs Transformation. The wish likely involves love/marriage, relocation, public fame, an opportunity, a law suit or a contract. To release. From The between these two life paths? as I don’t know much about numerology myself. For our own sake, and for the sake of other road users, a lot of our attention is focused on them. An introduction might at first seem too good to be true. Mercury, the planet of communication is back in direct motion but it will take another 10 days before he can return to your relationship sector after retrograding back out two weeks ago. Keep things light and upbeat and worry about the consequences later. Daily Horoscope Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Today you will start the day filled with great hopes and expectations. Predictions for 29 August 2018. You're able to imagine the best possible future for the planet, or at least the people in your home or community. Predictions for 04 August 2019 Monthly Horoscope for Libra – August 2018. General, Love and relationships, Work, life goals and finance and Celestial Tip are posted by 12sign. Your mood of optimism continues — and there’s much to be optimistic about. Control issues could be an attempt to mask hidden fears, so meditate under the Libra Moon to see what's driving them. Do not rely on the aegis of Fate, if you have decided to give your permission for financial investment – wait for a more appropriate period when you will have increased your income. Libra might be the sign of balance but that doesn't mean this season is free of drama. This is especially likely if you’ve got to follow a rigid or tedious schedule today, because something will happen to throw all your plans up in the air. Trading and negotiating are favored because of your tact and diplomacy, smooth communication style and eye for a bargain. fun esl questions month calendar 2018 march A lunar eclipse occurs in your sign in April Lia and this is a big deal for you. Libra Horoscopes for week beginning 29 July 2019. Unplug the weapon for crying out loud, as you might burn someone! Be especially careful on Feb 12 when Mars makes its explosive conjunction with Uranus in your partner’s sector. Libra or Libra Rising weekly horoscope: The expressive Sun is moving toward the top of your solar chart during June. Just click on your Sun sign on the side, and you'll be redirected  Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: Free Capricorn horoscopes, love horoscopes, Capricorn weekly horoscope, monthly zodiac horoscope and daily sign  Astrology. No detail is too minor to attend to when you’re on the case. Libra Weekly Horoscope July 22, 2019 – July 28, 2019 by Pandit Dakshinamoorthi. The Libra Horoscope for September 2018 begs you to lock yourself up into hermit mode. With so very many Libra horoscopes to choose from -- daily, monthly, yearly, weekly and romance -- you'll never be without good readings. You’re a record keeper… a librarian of sorts. Aug 22, 2018 - This is a good time to have something positive to do with your hands while your loved one is ranting and rambling. I always file my horoscopes early, and as I write this, Jeffrey Epstein has been found injured in his cell. Other people will instantly pick up on this fact and could ask you for money -whether as a loan or a straight out payment/gift. Monday, 29 July, 2019. Libra (Thula Rasi) Daily Predictions Predictions for 03 August 2019 Losses in undertakings or through servants, inconvenience from superiors and those in authority indicated. This can be a great opportunity to release certain situations, deep-seated emotions, and perhaps relationships that no longer serve you. Cutting them loose and making space for new things to come into your life could be the best thing you do at this time. You can plan the week ahead by the weekly astrological horoscopes done by our expert panel of astrologers. Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23. Preparing you for the week. libra horoscope astrolutely

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