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How to replace tailshaft bushing

All our used OE cases and housings have been cleaned and inspected to ensure they are free from all def I am suspect that I will need to replace the tailshaft housing bushing in my 200R4, however I am struggling to find a tool to do the job. We offer individual Mustang suspension bushings and related parts, as well as complete bushing kits that include everything you need to perform a fast and easy bushing replacement. the tailshaft bushing is not so easy to replace. A worn bushing will cause excessive side-to-side movement of the slip yoke and create a vibration or leak. How to Replace the Rear Transfer Case Tailshaft Seal on a Full-Size Chevy Blazer, Chevy Truck, GMC Jimmy or GMC Truck: 1A Auto shows you how to repair, fix, change or replace a rear transmission transfer case seal. And, check out Same Day Store Pickup to get your bushing parts today. 2) Either the cup has slipped forward on the output shaft, so it no longer cages the yoke, or the o-ring has lost its elasticity, or the cup and/or o-ring are missing. Teardown: 1. what is the best way to replace the tailshaft bushing in a c/4. M. I'm planning to do this tail shaft bushing job in a few days. Its purpose is to serve as support for the vehicle’s drive shaft and the metal shaft that goes along the underside of If there is any play my advice is to be prepared to replace both the seal and bushing. The Extension Housing Bushing. What is this? Thanks a > lot. It should be replaced when replacing a tail shaft seal or when a driveshaft failure has  Ford AOD tailshaft bushing install July 17th, 2012, 09:12 AM So after almost getting kicked out the strip last week for leaks, tried to figure out where the leaks . This should also be replaced (a reman shaft would have a new guide bushing installed). It is attached at this point with the use of splines. How difficult is that to replace, and will the auto trans fluid need to be drained? Thanks This Rockland Standard Gear "No Walk" Tailshaft Bushing is the only aftermarket replacement bushing available for the T56 Transmission. where can i find a tool or do i need to pull the housing. The part is around $35 if you've got some tools, not a bad DIY job if you don't mind working on cars. These THM2004R's are notorious for wearing out the extension housing bushing. How do I replace the bushing? I assume the extention housing has to come off in order to remove the bushing ????? Lastly, check the transmission tailshaft for leakage. 1. I have the Ford T5 with the S10 tail housing. My gearvendors uses a turbo 400 styled tailshaft housing - it may be an OEM GM part or just patterned after one. Decided that as long as the tailshaft was off, I would replace the bushing, and do the tailshaft lube mod at the same time, so just to be safe I bought an extra tailshaft in case I buggered the old while drilling or tapping the hole. My question is can I push in a new bushing with out removing the tailshaft housing? Will it stay in place? The bushing actually rides on the outside of the U-Joint Hub's shaft. 67-71. anyone replaced the E4OD tail shaft bushing? this is the long bushing that the front of the drive shaft rides in in side the trans. This has been going on ever since I changed over to a 700R4 and a 12-bolt 3. How to replace tail shaft bushing on 99 Silverado 4L80E New Process Gear 246(MT1)? - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic Hi, I'm having a chronic problem with my tailshaft bushing and seal backing out of the housing at highway speeds (70-75mph). They are now available for both Powerglide and TH400 transmissions and are a great for high horsepower applications yet offer a solution to the shortage of weak OEM replacements. Remove the 6 tailshaft bolts. I'm assuming there is a bronze bushing (actually, it's more a sleeve) in the tailhousing that the output shaft fits inside. "Some of the old guys used to replace the tailshaft bushing without removing the tailshaft housing by just driving a new bushing in and forcing the old bushing into the tailshaft housing to ride forever more on the tailshaft. There are two possible sizes for 91, the change year; 35mm and 38mm. (This bushing is sold in packages of What would you do to improve our website? We're always looking for ways to improve JEGS. A rear seal and bushing for the Turbo 400 transmission rear extension housing, 1965-up. The existing bushings are poorly supported and the spin in the housing. New bushing, before installation shrinkage, measures 38. A perfect replacement if yours is scuffed or has somehow found it's way out of your tailhousing. 30 mm. B I toke the transfer case apart the rear drive shaft yoke, tailshaft bushing and seal were worn out so I replaced them, cleaned everything and put it back together. Just take a small punch and remove the reverse shaft lock pin. If you’re not sure how to perform a Mustang bushing installation, our product experts are standing by, ready to provide valuable installation tips. I looked under the car and have a small leak from the tailshaft seal and heard that the bushings can go and cause a issue as well. I'm not quite skilled enough yet to drop the transmission and take the tailshaft off, and no show near me had the tool. Re: aod tailshaft bearing replacement The AOD had a bushing in the rear of the tail housing that the driveshaft yoke runs on. if you're going to replace the seal, i'd suggest replacing the bushing too. If you want to reduce twist in a shaft, you've got three basic options: use stronger material, use thicker material or a thicker shaft, or use a shorter shaft. in the bushing with the galley in the tailshaft this allows lubrication of the yoke. But, Kent-Moore released a tool that removes and replaces the bushing while the transmission is still in the car. Replacing the bushing and seal on a th400 output shaft housing. The rear housing is not removeable, and normally would require transmission removal and diassembly to replace this bushing. 1) do I have to? 2) if so how do I do it? You don't have to pull the transmission to replace the tailshaft bushing, however, just the rear housing (6 bolts) - Although in your case, it's no big deal. NOTE: See page 6 of this bulletin for data on 99 type shaft/support/bearing shim. I am suspect that I will need to replace the tailshaft housing bushing in my 200R4, however I am struggling to find a tool to do the job. It pushes out from the bottom. strange, is`nt it? anyway, i`m posting this for you guys who think you must pull the tailhousing to replace this. Just use a screwdriver with a notch ground into it ,hook the bushing and yank it out . The driveshaft yoke then slips over the tailshaft, and into this bushing to keep everything aligned at the end of the output shaft. 141" inside diameter X . Driveshaft has a good amount of play where it enters the back of the trans. 00 mm. A center support bearing is a type of drivetrain bearing that is commonly found on rear wheel drive vehicles. Pull the flange off. Using a punch or cape chisel to remove the bushing usually results in the bushing ending up inside the transmission on the tail shaft. SNAP-ON #8672C. If you need more repairs , replace it with a modern 5 speed Sent from my iPhone using The H. AMX (290) Extension Housing Seal - M11, 11B (1 required) 960 3104: $9. . It is really quite simple. i tried to dig in on this tool, and i found an article that this was in the Snap-On catalog till 1965. It should hat a "hat" type seal on it. I was expecting something on the output shaft itself. This should reduce over all vibration if you have some in your car. STEP 12 : Put silicon on the gasket and stick it to either the transmission housing or the tailshaft housing. Re: Muncie 4spd tailshaft removal 01-25-04 06:25 AM - Post# 379312 In response to There isn't much to removing the tail housing. 47632 TH350 Transmission sun gear & rear planet bushing 1969-86. Installing a bearing race without the cutouts into a 2nd design unit will seal off lube from reaching the front output shaft bearing and bushing. The front trailing arm consists of a set of bushings attached to a bolt that runs through these bushings to hold the trailing arm to the chassis of the vehicle. they're almost always fine. The driveshaft shop you dealt with should have noticed such a defect but they may have missed it. My guess is that a combination of the center support bearing and the transmission tail shaft is Our bushing is almost twice as wide as stock, giving much better support to the shaft. I have reason to believe that there is a bushing inside or seal or something that is causing the leak and the vibration, since there IS play in the yoke. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. com ® permission to use it in future advertisements and promotions. I don't have the special tool, so I was going to drain the tranny and then use a brass drift or a socket to get the old bushing out. The u seems to be ok, (its new) no play. David Kee Toploader Transmissions, Inc. Interesting. If your Ford Ranger bushing goes awry, or you need some bushings for Toyota Camry, AutoZone carries every product for your specific repair job. There’s a gasket in between the two machined surfaces. NOTE: As well as rectification of the damage, the cause must also be determined and repairs and preventative action taken to avoid a recurrence. My questions are do I need to remove the extension housing completely off of the actual trans to change the bushing? Also what is the best way to remove and re-install the seal and bushing? Buy ACDelco 15665313 GM Original Equipment Transfer Case Rear Extension Output Shaft Bushing: Transfer Case Components - Amazon. I used a bushing splitter (not the real purpose it's designed for but works well) on mine to cut it and then pushed the new one in with my press. I may end up pulling out the whole transmission and would like Find Transmission Rear Seals with TH350 Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! This is a high quality used OEM extension housing out of a 2003 and up Ford 5R110W transmission. I know they used to make one for the older turbo 350 and 400 that allowed you to do it with the trans still in the car, just curious if one exists for the 200R4. Ford AOD tailshaft bushing install July 17th, 2012, 09:12 AM So after almost getting kicked out the strip last week for leaks, tried to figure out where the leaks were coming from. Order Today! The longer a tube or rod gets, the more it twists. i know the tail will come off the trans body easy, but getting that bushing pressed out may be a problem. This bushing requires the planet to be machined to remove the unmachined area between the two existing bushings. it also states (not to damage the spline seal) could that also contribute to a leak the rear bushing is very sloppy Find Transmission Rear Seals with Muncie four speed Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! How to Disassemble Ford C4 and C6 Transmissions: Step by Step For the sake of simplicity and space I primarily cover a C4 teardown in this book. Tailshaft bushing replacement My dad says there is a tail shaft bushing in there I need to replace. use a bushing puller to remove the old bushing and the For some time, I have had a small rear seal leak. Guess my next move will be to replace both U-joints and have the driveshaft balanced unless someone has another suggestion. As the vehicle moves, the driveshaft moves in and out as bumps are encountered. They make a tool that goes in from the seal side and grabs it so you can pull it out that way. An out of balance DS causes excessive wear on the tail shaft bushing. Did the bushing replacement on the car by the way. I would almost never use a 'new' bushing to drive out the old Sure way to buldge the end of the new one and cause a tight fit or drag that will quickly ruin the new one in use I just rebuilt a "Berkeley" Jet Drive a few months ago and had to use a combination of these peocedures to get all the bushings and bearings out of it. With transmission now in Park, remove the centre bolt from the transmission flange. If you have the tranny out it is easy to replace the bushing. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Yes a worn bushing can cause a vibration. Alas, I do not have proper tool to reach down to measure the bushing once it was installed. View Cart Continue 1) Make sure you don't have a worn-out tailshaft bushing, allowing excessive radial play and side-to-side movement of the yoke in the tailshaft housing. Anyone ever replaced the tailshaft bushing and seal on a t45? Getting some noise and vibrations from the tailshaft area of the trans and i believe this could be the culprit. 1st design does not have cutouts. I need to replace the bushing in the tailshaft of my T-5 as I have a leaky seal and vibrations. Utilize our Loan-A-Tool program to assure you have all the right tools for this intricate repair. My extension housing on my early 70's C4 trans is leaking, right where the tail shaft inserts into it. I have never done this with it in place. when you get the tail shaft housing off, just take it to a tranny shop and have TH350 transmission bushings TH350 transmission bushing kits. 50/ea. I can tell because there is a perfect ring of trans fluid prayed onto the bottom of the cab circling the end of the housing. It should be replaced when replacing a tail shaft seal or when a driveshaft failure has occurred. This is a tapered pin so use a good small diameter flat nosed punch to remove it. We can remanufacture your toploader, sell you one outright or take yours in exchange. The extension housing is fastened to the tail of a transmission or transfer case. I already ordered the seal as that maybe one of the reasons it's leaking, but I also bought the tailshaft bushing as that could be another reason why it is leaking. The truck made it about 150 miles and the transfer case failed. I my memory is correct you have to pull the tailshaft to replace the bushing. 00 Buy Allstar ALL72152 Transmission Tail Shaft Seal and Bushing Kit: It should be replaced when replacing a tail shaft seal or when a driveshaft failure has  Replace the yoke (oiling the tip of the yoke can help it slide in) and reconnect If the tail shaft seal is leaking that is a low pressure point in the  1= 4wd tail shaft and end bushing/plug for oil flow block off of 2wd style. I got under it this morning and checked it out. I have been watching your posts with great interest. com online experience. it's fairly cheap. I took my drive shaft in to get balanced and he asked me if I changed out the bushing, I said no and he told me to do it that it's cheap insurance. I need some help/guidance. The day after the first race this year I noticed that I had lost alot of the tranny fluid due to the tailshaft seal and the bronze bushing had slid out onto the yoke. specializes in Ford 4 speed toploader transmissions from 1964 to 1973. It's just as easy to remove the tailshaft housing from the transmission and remove the bushing standing up, instead of laying under the car. I was hoping someone could confirm this. What is the remedy to the tailshaft bushing slipping out and pushing out the seal. That's just one of those fundamental rules of engineering. 31418A: AW55-50SN planetary bushing. Use a small chisle and tap it between the lip of the seal and the tailshaft. The bushing is walking out of the housing bore and pushing up against the seal. Kent-Moore J-34196-4 GM 700 R4 THM Transmission Bushing Tool See more like this. you do not! so, i slid the Everything needed to completely seal up the leaking problem at the rear of your TH350 Transmission, 1969 & up. The driveshaft yoke and tailshaft bushing were burning hot and looked like they hadnt been getting oil. I found this blurb about replacing the bushing on the HAMB. No difference. Install a new front seal. It's for the 32 teeth output shaft. C4 teardown technique generally applies to the C6 as well, though there are some distinct differences in the ford c6 transmission and ford c4 transmission . By uploading an image, you agree to give LMR. there was nothing inside that housing to fall out other than tranny fluid. Kent Moore tool company doesn't make them anymore. I think mine is worn out and allowing the front yolk to wobble causing a vibration fom about 50 up to around 80. It's surely the bearing because when I pulled the drive shaft out you could see where the bearing was rubbing into the drive-shaft. How to remove tailshaft on 46re auto transmission I would like to know what is involved in removing transmission tailshaft on a 46re transmission. The front U-joint felt somewhat stiff when I tried to move it while the driveshaft was disconnected for the tailshaft bushing replacement. > > Bill > It's the bearing at the back end of the tranny where the driveshaft attaches. I put the rearend of my car up on jackstands, and turned the wheels over by hand. Additionally, there is a guide bushing in the nose of the driveshaft (on applications that use the flex-discs). What is a trailing arm bushing? The trailing arm bushings join the axle and pivot point on the body of the vehicle. 006-. I pulled the tail shaft housing and brought it and a new bushing & seal to a local machine shop. I have never had to work on one and i am not sure about disassembly or the proper tools. I am thinking that this should be snug with no play. The 727 has a pretty long tail bushing. This kit will work on the TH350 extension housing with a 3/4 inch steel bullet type speedometer housing hole. If you do consider rebuilding your own Saginaw, just make If the flex-disc has any cracks in it, it should be replaced. Therin lies the real problem. Remove the drive shaft (after blocking the tires - safety first). The usual source of leakages are from a badly jointed and sealed lairing cone on the ack of the propeller or leakage past the sealing ring and/or gasket on the forward face - ensure the “O” ring is the correct size so that compression and sealing I have a 99 f150 2wd with a 4. Pull the front seal. So, was wondering since I'll be under there how hard it is to replace this bushing. Tailshaft seal, A833. Replace a leaking 1983-1995 Mustang tailshaft seal with this direct replacement seal for T5 and AOD transmissions! This is the OE Ford seal that fits in the tailhousing of your T5/AOD transmission and prevents leaking from the driveshaft yoke. The tail shaft bushing is a regular wear item, located inside the transmission tail shaft housing. Cadillac DeVille Transmission Output Seal May Leak Due to Worn Outshaft Bushing - 51 reports. This is the bushing that fits into the tailhousing of the transmission and prevents vibration from the driveshaft yoke. While I was pushing on the ds, I noticed some play, up/down where the ds inputs to the tailshaft. Also, how to make a slip yoke work using a truck th400 with a center bolt bolt-on yoke. Pull and replace the bushing in the front of the housing behind the main seal. It looks like the extention housing bushing is bad. Fits TH400 transmissions factory installed in Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac. This seals the driveshaft where it attaches to the output shaft of the transmission. The drive line has about 1/8 " of play where the d shaft enters the tranny housing. This should make no difference on how the bushing is installed as I see it. Use a piece of correct sized PVC pipe to install the new one . If the extension housing has small nicks and burrs on its mounting surface, they can be removed with a file. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality 4 speed toploader parts. They are part of a trailing arm suspension in your vehicle. Be sure you get the right one (mic the yoke shaft), or just buy both as they're only about $2. There is a bushing removal/installation tool that you can rent or borrow at the auto parts store that makes it easy. If it's toast, the tail shaft has to come off to pull the bushing out > factory manual they describe the process of replacing the bushing as not > requiring removal of the entire extension housing because they tell you to > use this special bushing removal tool that actually allows you to insert it > from the driveshaft end of the housing and then 'pull' the bushing out AW71 tailshaft bushing maintenance & nonperformance. It can be done but it is a long, messy job. Pre-Owned. Let us know what you think! Please use our Contact Us page for issues that require a more immediate response. Upload your own picture of the Mustang Tailshaft Bushing (79-95) Please make sure to hold your device horizontally (like a camera) rather than vertical (like a phone). It seems to me it would be pretty tough to pull with a puller with the tail housing in place. the ring gear splines, and to the front bushing/bearing of the output shaft. 376" wide. The Reid Racing Tailshaft Housings are designed to fit both the REID Superglide Cases and the stock GM transmissions. Input shaft disassembly. Now I want to know if anyone here has a tailshaft bushing remover tool and if they can rent it out to me. The spring in the seal came off and go caught in the bushing causing havoc on the bushing and now my drive-shaft will not slide on easily at all. Your tailshaft bushing and seal can leak with normal wear and tear or be destroyed by driveshaft failure. Hello all, I need some input about how to install a new tail shaft bushing in my T5. I need to change my bushing and my seal for sure. I've developed a noise recently, and am thinking it might be the tailshaft bushing. You will now be looking at the end of the input shaft assembly. I changed out the bearing retainer gasket and seal, and the Tailshaft seal. When you have the tailshaft housing off, rock the output shaft around, there should be minimal play - meaning . It seems they all disappeared of the face of the earth. Old bushing measures 38. > I've been told I need to replace my transmission tailshaft bushing on > my '89 240, and have been quoted ~$250 to do so. Last one I did, all I used was a screw driver and hammer to remove it, once it was out of the car. Find Allstar Performance Tailshaft Seals and Bushings ALL72152 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Maintaining oil control in your transmission is essential to a winning combination. Looks like you have been having fun. however when the ds is out, look at it with a flashlite and check for any big grooves, and slide the driveshaft in and make sure it feels like a sort of snug fit. Shaft measures 38. 227" outside diameter X 1. As the bushing wears it allows freeplay to creep into the driveline thus setting up vibration. I need to borrow this tool if someone has it. Fits with T-5, AOD, AODE, C-4, C-5 and Ford 4-speed transmissions. This is the bushing that the intermediate driveshaft rides on when installed in the back of the transmission. They removed the old one then pressed in a new one for $10 while I waited. This kit corrects this by providing line pressure lubrication to the extension housing bushing • Designed to extend transmission life by protecting the bushing and driveshaft yoke • A must for vehicles that see high driveshaft speeds from gear or tire swaps • Custom braided stainless steel lubrication line If you're racing a Street Stock class that requires you to run an OEM transmission with few modifications, a Saginaw may be your best bet. I suspect the RPM change from the gear change may have caused this. How much up an down play is there in the driveshaft yoke where the yoke fits in the tailshaft ? Darn Toyota,s and their driveshaft issues tearing out the tailshaft bushing huh Hopefully the rear tailshaft seal was hard as rock and no longer capabale of doing a good job of keeping the fluid inside the transmission . They wear just like everything else. Can someone tell my how to replace any seals/bushings, and which ones? Going to put on new front rotors and new wheel bearings and bought a set of u-joints that Terry recommended in a post. 008" clearance AT the bushing. If your output seal continues to leak and you are sure that the intermediate shaft is in good shape then it is time to replace the tailshaft bushing. Kent Moore J-23062-5 350 THM Transmission Bushing Remover Installer Tool. the manuel shows a tool that removes the bushing from the outside. That is what prevents fluid from draining out of your torque converter over night. I need help removing my A833 (70' interlock style/abody) tail shaft bushing. Is the driveshaft the proper one for your application. It may help to apply transmission fluid around the shaft to make it easier install the tailshaft housing while the shaft is in place. i did this on my 2000 f150 to replace the tail shaft bushing and seal (automatic transmission). after working around the seal lip, you should be able to pull the deal out with vise grips or pliers. 68-69: 343, 360. The bushing is simply a thin soft-metal tube of about 2" inches diameter which fits into a bore in this housing. i put it on the trans, and without ANY trouble, what-so-ever, the bushing walked out. 1964-1966 Mustang Tailshaft Seal & Bushing Kit, T10; 1964-1973 Mustang Tailshaft Seal & Bushing Kit, C4 Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. If any visible signs of leakage, it's time to replace the tailshaft bushing as a worn one will allow the drive shaft to move in a more elliptical path -- creating the very noise that you describe. I have looked every where, Ebay, tool companies , Etc. Ford Tailshaft Housing Bushing for 1979-1995 Mustangs. Tailhousing bushing removal place the tailshaft in a 200 degree oven & the bushing in the freezer You can use it to pull and replace the tail shaft bushing. It more or less keeps the driveshaft yoke from flopping around too much in the transmission and which helps the seal do its job of sealing. If you need parts Buy Your Mustang Ford Output Shaft Seal T-5/AOD/C4 from CJ Pony Parts, one of the industry leaders for Mustang Parts and Accessories. Piece of cake. Super nice lookin car , the bushing car be replaced without removing the trans or tailshaft . 15 mm. how to replace the transmission output shaft bearing/bushing on a 1998 chevy tahoe 4wd? - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 6 l and a 4r70w tranny. 73 posi rear end with heavy duty springs. The tailshaft itself rotates in a bushing mounted in a round shape housing ("extension housing") bolted to the rear of the transmission. There is a metal cylinder that they call a tailshaft bushing. Looking for a Super T10 BW 4 speed transmission tailshaft bushing removal tool to buy or rent. The transmission seal that is most commonly replaced to prevent leakage is the tail shaft seal. Another possible cause is a bent or twisted shaft. A. Havent found much info on how to tackle this and if i can just pull the tailshaft of the trans Suzuki Samurai Transmission Tailshaft Bushing. how to replace tailshaft bushing

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